My Purpleair PM 2.5 air quality monitor, conversion PA*0.5140+1.8304

Having a Particulate Monitor makes a difference because months of PM 2.5 data can be seen to be undeniable.  The data my monitor collects can be matched to the standard of the data of official Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data, collected by their own Air Quality Monitors, by a simple mathematical formula. Conversion factor: PA * 0.5140 +1.8304.

The conversion factor means ((Purpleair Monitor 24 hour (1660 minute) average of PM 2.5_CF1_ug/m3) times 0.5140) plus 1.8304. If the result is over 12.5 it exceeds EPA limits for Particulate Pollution, and in the case of factory emissions and wildfires, it signifies a threat to public health. 12.5 level PM 2.5 is when people are warned to exercise indoors rather than outdoors, since PM 2.5 is the perfect size to infiltrate the human lung. 12.5 PM air is the point established at which the air diminishes life, instead of sustaining life.

Objective: To pass a city ordinance that sets the maximum residential (home) production of PM 2.5 at the current EPA level (12.5 PM 2.5) at which health warnings are issued regarding PM 2.5 from wildfires and industrial production.

I expect to submit documentation in support of EPA lowering their PM 2.5 standards in 2022 or 2023, and I am willing to testify in EPA hearings on the issue. I think that directly participating in reducing pollution is a positive experience, sparking, especially in young people, interest in the environment. Air pollution is a concern that is universal and that concern about air pollution even crosses party lines. Air moves freely. I feel that polluted air is a nuisance and trespass on my property, property on which I should have quiet enjoyment.

If every person experienced air pollution from a source which could be eliminated or controlled, as rational people I believe the vast majority would support limitation or elimination of wood burning for home heat. However, I know there is a minority who are as passionate about wood burning in their homes as mask mandate protestors are passionate about not wearing masks. The wood burning industry, surprisingly, is powerful and remains intent on retaining wood burning as a recreational activity in the home and in suburban yards.

British Columbia Wood Smoke and Purpleair Users Group on Facebook continue educating and providing forums on the ill health effects of wood smoke. I hope to begin to do the same with this RAWSEPResidents WordPress site and my new handle on my Mastodon site

This may also be the right time to begin addressing wood smoke’s contribution to climate change and wood smoke’s public health issues, in addition to COVID public health issues, as the pandemic seems to be easing. Of note, COVID is also airborne, as is the increasing problem of wildfire smoke.

I also have a B.S. in Biochemistry and worked as a medical researcher in the past, so I understand the public health implications of this data and understand this issue. I actually have two Outdoor Purpleair Monitors and one Indoor Purpleair Monitor. I keep three indoor Blueair Air Purifiers on because wood smoke can infiltrate even through closed doors and windows into a neighbor’s house.

City of Madison Health Department site regarding wood smoke 

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Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting from Madison College, and Masters in Library Science/American Library Association (MLS/ALA), BS in Biochemistry and BA in History from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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